You don’t need a conventional mortgage to own your home. Whether you have bruised credit, have been through a bankruptcy, are recently self-employed or having difficulties due to the ever changing mortgage regulations, we will prepare a customized program to help you get the home you want now.

Want to buy your home at a reasonable price you can afford?  If you cannot get approved for a mortgage now, and are worried that home ownership is slipping further and further away as home prices continue to rise, then Rent to Own may be the answer.  We work with you to determine a guaranteed purchase price for when you are ready to own!  You will know your future purchase price, the monthly payments, and we ensure that the home price is within your budget and ability to qualify for the mortgage at the end of the term.  No surprises!

We pride ourselves in helping families and individuals become future home owners. We want you to be a home owner in a STRONG financial position to protect against any future legislation changes and/or potential shifts in market values.

Learn how our team of real estate professionals will assess your situation, create a personalized report and take you through our step by step Rent to Own process.

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Can’t get approved for the mortgage you need?  We can help you get the home you want to own now while helping you save up for your future down payment and improving your credit score to meet mortgage requirements.

The new mortgage stress test has you stressed? Get the house of your dreams even if you don’t qualify under the new stress test rules. Live in the home YOU WANT now while our 2-4 year customized program helps you qualify for the mortgage for that home. Don’t settle for renting or living in home you do not love because of the stress test!

Not enough income to qualify for a mortgage? Our unique assessment process will help get you into the home aligned with your income level.  You will work closely with our real estate professionals to ensure you find a home that is both ENJOYABLE and AFFORDABLE for you and your family!

Not enough Down Payment? If you don’t have enough down payment today, our special budgeting system helps you build up a 10% future Down Payment easily. We only require a minimum of 2.5-5% deposit to secure your home, which will be applied to your future Down Payment.

Is a past bankruptcy or poor credit history preventing you from getting a mortgage? We can help you on your path to home ownership with a customized credit repair program to help you get you back on your feet.  Why not live in the home you want while getting your credit score up?

Wish you could live in your dream home now? You choose your home! We believe that since you will be living there, you should be the one to choose the house best suited for you and your family. Work closely with our real estate professionals or your own.